Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pretty Pig

Pretty Pig contains many things addictive about shojo, except for all the sparkly decorations and flowers. You've got the distressed main character who's looking for a boyfriend, but somehow got herself mixed up with the troublesome transfer student because of her secret of transforming into part pig whenever she's embarassed. It's a good reader for anyone that's into shojo manga. The comic started mid-November 2008 and has irregular updates.

Recommended audience: Pre-teenagers +

Nakimushi Baby!

Nakimushi Baby! started early November 2007 and continues today with an update about once a month. It's about a high school girl who fell in love with an upper classman, but had trouble approaching the boy. When she got enough encourage to approach him, she accidentally walked in on him with another girl. The main character later makes a wish to become a better person and is turned into a boy by a magical being. The art has a professional look to it and matches the story nicely.

Recommended audience: Mid-Teenagers +


U,T.E:N.S.I.L. stands for unstable, tangled emotions: nonsensical story of intertwined love. It's got characters that would make you laugh out loud when you get to know them throughout the story. The beginning started off with a cake-loving girl and cake-stealing ninjas. The random scenes in it are things to look forward to too. U,T.E:N.S.I.L. started updating early January 2007, and has frequent updates every month.

Recommended audience: All Ages

From Dusk Until Dawn

From Dusk Until Dawn has only had updates during February 2008. It's been on hiatus ever since. The opening is well written, and the art is nice. The description of the comic isn't on the comic's main website, but could be found in its profile: "Sara has been a girl who has always struggled with popularity and over the years has started many trends that last until she makes new ones. Struggling to find true friends and herself, Sara often escapes at Dusk to the graveyard only to come back at dawn."

Recommended audience: All Ages

Boba Tea

Boba Tea, also referred to as Bubble Tea, began late May 2007. The comic is currently on hiatus, but the outcome of the plot is something to look forward to what with the characters' personalities and all. "Yunxu is a boy who locks away his emotions. Dr. Yang is a doctor struggling to let them out. When Dr. Yang's niece, a spirited girl named Jennifer, comes for a visit during the summer, will she be the key to unlocking Yunxu's emotions? Will Dr. Yang even allow her to do so?"

Recommended audience: Mid-Teenagers +

Huggle the Puppet

"This is a fan comic in honor of Billy the puppet, featured as Jigsaw's messenger in the SAW series. The story really has two parts, with no chronology. Its foundation is that Billy, animated and with the mind of a toddler, HUGGLE THE PUPPET wandered away from his life of traps and gore, and is learning to live under a completely different set of rules after I take custody of him. The other part is simply him out of context, on various endeavors he has, like to make it on Sesame Street, and to cause physical harm to people."
HUGGLE THE PUPPET is a full page comic, most of the time has coloured pages, and has fillers once in awhile. Its first page was published early March 2007 and continues with irregular updates.

Recommended audience: All Ages

Phoenix Trite

Phoenix Trite
Phoenix Trite is based on the video game Phoenix Wright. The sprite comic doesn't really have a plot to it and is pretty much random. There are some inside jokes to the game, but it doesn't mean that you have to play the game to find it funny. The comic started mid-December 2007 and updates are irregular.

Recommended audience: Mid-teenagers +

Animal Crossing: Crossroads

Animal Crossing: Crossraods
Animal Crossing: Crossroads is a collection of coloured comic strips based on the video game series: Animal Crossing. The art looks like it's been done with simple computer drawing functions and maintains the looks of the game even though it's not exactly like the game's graphics. The comic started late December 2008 with a plot similar to the game along with some jokes referring to the game. The comic's website closed in 2009.

Recommended audience: All Ages
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