Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cease and Desist

Cease and DesistCease and Desist is a comic about the lives of two men and the Post Office. Meet Elijah Ashley, a 24-year-old man ordered by his roommate to go look for a job that can "pay the rent." He applied for a job position at the Post Office and successfully got it. Casper, another 24-year-old man but who's #1 goal in life was to work at the Post Office, did not. What happens when our two heroes meet? You'll have to follow the comic to answer that.

Cease and Desist began late March 2009, and is created by Smackjeeves users Mickey and Nikki. The art is unique as it looks like it was made with paper and edited on the computer. The character designs are great and distinguishable. The comic doesn't update often, but personally, I believe its future comic pages are something to look forward to.

Recommended audience: All Ages

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


EphemeralWith a storyline and fantasy theme like those of old school video games, Ephemeral may just catch your attention after a few reads of its simple three paneled comic strips. The story follows a girl named Arri who is on a journey to find out who and what two strangers were looking for when they murdered her father.

The comic launched late March 2009 on Drunk Duck by Drunk Duck user Prank and is assisted by user Dark_Link777.

Recommended audience: All Ages

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Internet Sensation: TaroBoy

Internet Sensation: TaroBoyInternet Sensation: TaroBoy is about a boy named Airen Lee who has a secret: he is actually the Internet otaku celebrity known as TaroBoy. The storyline isn't clear, because not much has happened so far. From what I can tell, there may be romance between our main character and the girl he likes or the girl that likes him, and drama from what seems to be other Internet otaku celebrities out to find his identity (better yet, out to get him). Whatever the story may be, the concept of a regular prep being a secret otaku--an Internet G0D at that--sounds intriguing.

The comic launched near the end of January 2008 on Smackjeeves, and is often on hiatus. The artist is Smackjeeves user avanope.

Recommended audience: All Ages

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yoroshiku Master

Yoroshiku MasterYoroshiku Master is a shojo manga mixed with the supernatural.

The story is about a teenage female Santa who is the master of a male reindeer that has a casual form of a handsome young man and how their relationship grows with every passing event they experience. The manga adds a bit of heart beating moments with comedy, but there are only a few chapters translated so far.

What bothered me when I read the chapters is that in every other chapter there's a winter Santa theme, and in every other chapter that's not about winter there is a summer bathing suit theme at the beach.

Recommended Audience: Teens

Author/Artist: Tsukuba Sakura
Release Year: 2005
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