Friday, April 24, 2009

Happyface Comics

Happyface Comics is comicstrip styled and has stick people as characters. It's by the same artist as Homestore, but was published on smackjeeves before it. The scripts are enjoyable and the art supports the scripts very well. The art looks like it was drawn with a tablet, and when it comes to serious facial expressions it gets a little more detailed. I salute to happyfaceanon for their works. The comic started mid-January 2009 and has had multiple updates every months to this day.

Recommended audience: All ages

My Life as a Teenage Stickfigure

My Life as a Teenage Stickfigure began mid-August 2007 and has been on hiatus since late November 2007. It's in the form of comic scripts with simple shaped stick people. The content are fairly amusing, but have a few that's pretty witty.

Recommended audience: Teens+

Anything about nothing

Anything about nothing is about what the title says: anything about nothing. The comic started off with pokémon and little red riding hood referenced scripts late January 2009. It then went into hiatus after its update on A fairytale romance the next day. The art is drawn cartoon-like and the content is amusing. The comic is rarely updated.

Recommended audience: All Ages

First Impressions

First Impressions is an earlier comic by the same artist as Anything about nothing. The story starts off a school boy called Sam who's learning about the importance of first impressions when meeting new people. The unordinary people he meets pretty much put him into strange situations, and he ends up having to put up with them along with his "Voice of reason," a small angel that follows him around. The comic started around late March 2008 and updates a few times almost every month.

Recommended audience: Older Teens+


Homestore has simple character designs and doesn't contain much paneling, so it could get hard to follow at times. The story starts off with two people looking for a place to live and decides that a store would be the best place to make a home. They then found out that they have to run a business or else they'd lose their new home, so they decided to take random jobs as a service. Homestore began late March 2009 and has been on temporary hiatus since the beginning of April 2009.

Recommended audience: Mid-Teenagers+

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Humanity: The User's Manual

Humanity: The User's Manual is made with simple computer graphics/images and contains dialogue that recommends how people should act in a situation and in modern society to avoid conflict. The comic started early May 2007, but has been on hiatus since mid-November 2007.

Recommended audience: Mid-Teenagers+

No Shutup.

No Shutup. started late January 2009 and is based on what the artist's thought process and teachings with art. The comic's educational when it comes to the topic of fundamental designs and techniques in visual arts (although the artist says otherwise), and it's fun to read about the events the artist went through during her school years. The art is appealing as if it were done by a professional (which I have to say: it is). Updates to the comic continue today about once every week or so.

Recommended audience: Pre-Teenagers+


Jerri is a well-drawn and well scripted series of moments of a student entering high school. The artist states that the comic "is based on real events and all characters are based on real people." The personalities of the characters feel real and the narration is fun to follow. It's got some swearing to it, but it reveals the personality of the main character better. The comic was launched May 2008, but is usually on hiatus. Updates are rare, but it's always something to look forward to.

Recommended audience: Mid-Teenagers+


box. A series of single paneled comics with a simple drawings that you may never get tired of. The scripts are opinion-wise, and how the artist felt about events are expressed through each panel. The comic began in late-February 2008 and endded early in November 2008.

Recommended audience: All Ages
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