Friday, July 22, 2011

Oresama Teacher

Oresama TeacherI like reading shojo manga, but it gets a bit boring when you read enough to know what will happen next. But! It's refreshing when a shojo manga like Oresama Teacher appears.

Meet Kurosaki Mafuyu-- she's an ex-delinquent entering a new school and hopes to make a lot of female friends, but she can't seem to stay out of fights and help the most scary teacher Saeki Takaomi at her school who happens to be her next door neighbor and her... childhood friend? (Their past is a little odd but sweet.) She ends up befriending mostly male delinquents like she did in her past and at some point was convinced by her teacher to uphold justice at the school by disguising herself as a male student and a rabbit.

The characters in Oresama Teacher seem to focus more on friendship than love, but it's interesting to read how Mafuyu gets closer to the other characters.

Recommended audience: All ages

Author and Artist: Izumi Tsubaki
Release year: 2008
Licensed by Viz Media

Thank you panda scans for releasing the latest chapters every so often!


  1. I love this manga and I hope they will be able to make anime T^T but the story actually lacks something ... it's called LOVE! X3 ( Im such a shoujo manga lover) theres so much war and fight in the story and I think Mafuyu forgot that she's a GIRL! But the wars were funny.

  2. It's definitely not a typical shojo manga: it feels more like a delinquent (genre) one. It's like a mixture of shojo (but with less focus on love) and Cromartie High (but with a lot less manly delinquent lessons). Yeah: I have no idea why I described Oresama Teacher like that just now, but that's how I feel about it. Love it!


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